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Hows if for you?
Do you have a particular tip or routine you'd likle to share? If so please tell the webmaster.

Kayaking Mnemonics / Acronyms
‘Mnemonic’ is another word for memory tool. The idea is to encode difficult-to-remember information in a way that is easy to recall. These ones are in regular use in paddlesport.

This movie and says it explains the kayak stroke, on the ergo paddling machine, pretty well.

Outdoor TV
This Particular link includes footage of the Nationals and you can spot all kinds of things - including Slasher dodging a bloke at around 5 mins. Mick Doyle and Ivan Lawlar can be seen in the Assessment race too.
Race Day Marathon Canoe Racing Part 1
Race Day Marathon Canoe Racing Part 2

See Slalom Technique for online video coaching K1, C1 and C2.
Plus sSee Helen Reeves guide to slalom from the Olympics here
and Campbell Walsh gives his top tips on slalom kayaking here.
Also Evil in the Upstreams by the ICF is a great development series to learn from.

ee the excellent Wildwater Racing manual here.

Cycle Commuting
There's no doubt that cycling to works helps your fitness however I have found that it's easy to not use this time well. My concentration can easily go and I think of work issues or the family and not about my work rate, very soon I'm doing a lot of coasting and nothing towards my fitness. If I focus and work hard and keep peddling (cycle computers/heart rate monitors are a great aid for this) my fitness improves.
I can still let my mind wander but I have to keep on track with the effort. I find the right level is where I can't speak without breathlessness. To test this I try and say this phrase out loud, "Slasher Preston and Uncompetitive Al in a K2 going backwards" if I'm at the right effort level it's pretty incoherent.
We've showers at work - which I need as it's 10 miles each way - but I also have a pull up bar to put in the door frame and allow for a little upper body work. I do some toes touching and trunk rotation twists to loosen me up as well.



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