Best Pittsburgh Steeler Players in Team History


The Pittsburgh Steelers may well be the finest franchise in the history of football, and they have a large number of players who are considered the greats of the game. Their teams always stacked with talent, and this list explains how talented they were. This is a list of the best players in team history. Each one of these men has brought pride and success to the city of Pittsburgh pride like no other.

#1: Terry Bradshaw

Terry Bradshaw is often lampooned as a man with minimal talent who played on a great team, but there is no greater football man than Terry Bradshaw. He thanked everyone he ever played with when inducted into the hall of fame, and he led the team to four Super Bowl wins. He may not have been the most-talented man on the field, but he is a large part of their success.

#2: Ben Roethlisberger

Bringing the Lombardi Trophy back to Pittsburgh was high on Big Ben’s list, and he did so twice with stunning wins in the biggest game in the world. He told Jerome Bettis he would win one for The Bus, and he did it. He has been one of the best offensive players in the league for the balance of his career, and he will likely excel until the day he retires from professional football.

#3: Lynn Swann

Lynn Swann was a star receiver before there was such a thing as a star receiver. He brought a style to the team that did not exist before he got there, and many of his most-iconic catches are still fodder for NFL Films highlights. He was a great man who helped bind his team together, and he gave Terry Bradshaw an easy target. His contribution to the team is unmatched as he brought in the era of the star receiver and powered the offense for the Steelers.

#4: Jerome Bettis

Jerome Bettis came to the Steelers from the Rams as a way of reaching a Super Bowl, and he fought most of his career without any success. He ran for over 10,000 yards in his career, and he assured the Steelers of many successful seasons. His time with the team ended when he won his first Super Bowl. He became an instant legend in the city, and he allowed the city to take back its pride in football which was lost for some time.

#5: Mean Joe Green

Mean Joe Green is a pop culture staple who appeared in commercials in the 1970s when athletes were finally becoming a part of the national conversation. His famous commercials have become a large part of the advertising culture that is found in sports today, and his influence is felt with the Steelers even to this day. The Steel Curtain defense was so good that it is failed as being unstoppable, and Mean Joe Green was at the center of it all.

#6: Franco Harris

Franco Harris is the man who caught the immaculate reception, and he was the workhorse who carried the ball during the 70s in Pittsburgh. The team would not have had an offense without Franco Harris, and he is largely the catalyst for a team that became good at passing. Lynn Swann would have had no openings without Franco Harris, and he is considered one of the greatest running backs of all time.

The Pittsburgh Steelers have Chuck Noll and the Rooney family to thank for their amazing success. These men created a franchise and culture of winning that exists today at the Steelers are still competitive in the AFC.